Reaching Souls International

New Work in Mozambique


In September of this year, Reaching Souls expanded our work into Mozambique by launching 10 National Missionaries. These are all men who were already reaching their own people for Christ, but with some support and strategic tools, could reach an even greater number of people with the Gospel.

Reaching Souls has had one Leadership Development Institute (LDI) in Mozambique and that was in 2000. Now is the time that the Lord has given us to begin a steady work there. In addition to the new National Missionaries, we will be having another LDI there in 2018. During the LDI, we will train 300 Mozambican nationals with the goal of raising their vision to reach their own people for Christ.

Below is a report from Brother Charles Changala. Charles is our Associate Southern Africa Director and the report is from his recent trip where he visited the 10 new National Missionaries, gave them their flip charts and mosquito nets, and encouraged them in their work.

Report from Charles Changala

It was on Tuesday 10th October 2017 when I went to Mozambique to meet the new 10 National Missionaries.

In Tete City, I was welcomed by the Regional Team Leader Nelvin who took me to Ingreja Presbiteriana De Mocambique Church where I first met the new 10 National Missionaries. I was really encouraged to see each one of them was at this venue of meeting on time and be informed that this was my first time to meet them since they were selected to be part of the Reaching Souls' family in September. I was very excited to see each one of them because this has been in my heart for a couple of years - that one day we would see the faithful Mozambican Evangelists reaching their fellow Mozambicans with the Gospel of Christ alongside Reaching Souls International.

This is the venue I met the National Missionaries in Tete City, Mozambique

I went to Mozambique not just to see my fellow Evangelists but also to represent Reaching Souls office in Oklahoma City that send me to tell them what Reaching Souls is expecting of them as National Missionaries, and to give each one of them their first monthly financial support. Apart from the financial support I also wanted to give each one of them his ministry items like National Missionary handbook, bicycle, Gospel Flip Charts and two Mosquito nets. I also assured them that arrangements are under way about the portable Peavey equipments that would be shipped from US for them to receive.

Like I said, the first thing I told them was what Reaching Souls is expecting of them as National Missionaries in Mozambique. I told them about the focus of this ministry which is none other than to win as many souls as possible to Christ through preaching the gospel in open-air meetings and one-on-one evangelism. I also emphasized about the important of baptisms and new church starts. So I encouraged them that as they serve as National Missionaries, each is required to hold no less than 12 open-air meetings each month. After they have reached their fellow Mozambican nationals with the gospel of Christ, each one is asked to submit faithful reports each month to the office to show what he has done in that particular month. However, for each to be clear of what I was telling them about what Reaching Souls International is expecting of them, I gave a copy of Reaching Souls National Missionary handbook to each one of them as the picture shows below.

All 10 new National Missionaries were given National Missionary Handbook each

After I gave each National Missionary a handbook I told them that after everything we would go to the shop to buy bicycle for each of them but some National Missionaries who came from very far asked if there would be money for transportation of the bicycles. So, they humbly asked if possible that they buy the bicycles at the trading centres close to their homes because they have shops that also sell the bicycles of that kind. So what we agreed was that each will be given $75 for them to purchase a new and strong bicycle and make sure that they ask someone to take a picture showing each National Missionary holding his new bike together with his family at their homes. Then each one should send that picture to Nelvin the Regional Team Leader as soon as possible so that when I meet Nelvin early next month of November I should collect them. I will attach the pictures for the new bikes to one of the emails next month.

Other items I gave to each one of these faithful National missionaries were gospel Flip Charts and two mosquito nets each. I demonstrated to them on how they can display their gospel Flip Charts towards the end of their gospel preaching. I also told them how helpful are these gospel Flip Charts to in summarizing their gospel preaching and inviting those who need to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal Savior. About the mosquito nets, I told them that one is for a National Missionary and his wife and the other one is for the children in the family.

Above is a picture showing each National Missionary in Mozambique showing his gospel Flip Charts and two mosquito nets

Last thing I gave to every National Missionary was an individual monthly report form. After giving them I explained how to fill in and write it every month. I encourage them to make sure that they make and keep a copy of their report every month before they submitted it to Nelvin their Regional Team Leader. I also told them that I will be collecting their individual monthly reports between 5th and 8th of each month so each should make sure that he should give his monthly report to Nelvin by 1st of each month. Then I gave every National Missionary his first financial assistance amounting to $60. They were amazed and excited to hear that they first receive the financial assistance and the ministry equipments before they send their reports. One of them by the name of Barroso expressed their excitement on behalf of his National Missionaries and he said thank you Reaching Souls for starting this impact on Mozambican nationals for Christ and he said they would make sure that they do everything as Reaching Souls International is expected of them.

Above is me, Charles Changala, together with the new Mozambican faithful evangelists of the gospel who has joined Reaching Souls International. I am standing in front and I am second from right hand side and smiling just to show how excited I was with my fellow National Missionaries

I am happy to report that the trip was very successful because I met all the new National Missionaries and they were given their first financial assistance and almost everything that is needed as a National missionary apart from the peavey equipments. I also tell them what Reaching souls is expecting each of them as National Missionaries and encourage them to be prepared to help in the preparations of the 2018 LDI project in their own country. Last but not least I taught them how to use the Gospel Flip Charts and how to fill in and write the Individual Monthly Report Form.

Compiled by Charles Changala - the Associate Southern Africa Director