Reaching Souls International

Reaching Souls Receives Highest Rating for 7 Straight Years


Charity Navigator, an independent nonprofit organization that tracks the financial accountability of charities, once again, gave its highest rating to Reaching Souls International.

In June, we received our 7th consecutive 4-star rating. Charity Navigator describes this accomplishment like this: This is our highest possible rating and indicates that your organization adheres to sector best practices and executes its mission in a financially efficient way. Attaining a 4-star rating verifies that Reaching Souls International exceeds industry standards and outperforms most charities in your area of work. Only 3% of the charities we evaluate have received at least 7 consecutive 4-star evaluations, indicating that Reaching Souls International outperforms most other charities in America. This exceptional designation from Charity Navigator sets Reaching Souls International apart from its peers and demonstrates to the public its trustworthiness.

Charity Navigator compares Reaching Souls to other similar charities on Financial Health, Accountability, and Transparency. For Reaching Souls, we’re guided by 8 core values. Values like integrity, effectiveness, prayer, and a commitment to Stewardship and Accountability. So, the very things that Charity Navigator measures, are core values for Reaching Souls.

People simply want a ministry to do what they say they will do. Staying focused requires discipline and there is no better recipe for discipline than accountability. Ministries are stronger when they’re accountable – including us.

Thank you for your trust and confidence in what God is doing through Reaching Souls.

Charity Navigator Letter