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Thank you Wayne for Living for the Sake of Souls


I want to express a deep-felt thank you to Wayne and Kathy Fagala for ten years on staff at Reaching Souls. Wayne is moving on vocationally to another season in his life but will continue to be a dear friend to and insider at Reaching Souls.

Wayne’s relationship with Reaching Souls started long before his tenure as a ministry employee. Wayne’s heart, energy, and time have been invested with Reaching Souls almost from the beginning days of this ministry. And we know that Wayne and Kathy’s relationship with Reaching Souls will continue.

Wayne was there on my and Mischelle’s first trip to Africa when I was just twenty-one years old. Wayne traveled with my dad, Ben Manis, so many years ago to find and meet Elias Kashambagani. Elias became one of the pillars upon which this ministry was built.

Wayne has interviewed hundreds of the National Missionaries that are currently reaching their own people for Christ. In the ten years that Wayne was on staff, we have grown from 254 to 2,000 National Missionaries in the field.

Kathy and all of Wayne and Kathy’s children have been on projects with Reaching Souls. What a great legacy they have passed on to their children to take the Gospel to the lost and invest their lives in other people.

On a personal note, the Fagalas have been close family friends to both my parents and with Mischelle and me for many years. Wayne was very influential in my life when I was a young believer in my late teens and early twenties.

Wayne has a servant’s heart and lives with an eternal perspective. Anyone who knows Wayne knows this. He never rushes past you to get to someone else more important. Everyone is important to Wayne.

Wayne, thank you for your love for souls, this ministry, and for my family. I will always respect you, look up to you, and be grateful for you.

For the sake of Souls,

Dustin K. Manis, President & CEO

Here is a special note from Wayne Fagala, our former Special Projects Manager...

I recently resigned my position at Reaching Souls. I’ve been employed for the last 10 years, but deeply involved for 28 years.

In 1988 my family lived nine houses down from Ben and Linda Manis and their sons, Darin and Dustin, whom we met at Western Hills Church. Linda often had my little girls, 4 and 2, over to visit. When I went to retrieve them late one afternoon, Ben showed me pictures from Mombasa, Kenya of 86 pastors being trained for a week and the results of over 6000 people saved through open air preaching. I was amazed and my heart melted before the Lord for his great love for people!

In 1989 I was able to go to Kisumu, Kenya where 138 pastors were brought in for a week to be trained. We then went to the markets of that region and over the following week saw 12,561 salvations!

Two points I want to make clear: 

1) God loves souls!

I got to preach at a huge market in Kisumu. I didn’t know what to preach. I simply stated that I could prove the Bible was true. It says all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. I asked the multitude if they had lied as I had, to raise their hand and if more than once, raise the other hand also. I did this with four of the 10 Commandments. Several thousand hands were raised. As I began to realize the heavy weight of sin that Christ bore for the world, I was overcome with gratefulness and stood in awe of such love! Over 500 were saved in that service.

2) God is faithful!

A standard feature in the prayers of founder Jimmy Hodges was, “Lord, keep us faithful." It’s His grace that has brought us this far, and His grace will lead us on. God has raised up hundreds of faithful supporters and national missionaries for the sake of souls. The staff of this ministry is, by Christ, of the highest caliber. They are a people I consider family.

He has been faithful to give me the desire he put in my heart 30 years ago. He’s also provided for my wife and my children to see and share in His work in Africa. I resigned only because of God’s leading to do so. Please join me in supporting and volunteering for such a Great Commission. May God continue to strengthen and multiply his work in Reaching Souls.

Wayne Fagala
Supporter, Reaching Souls

Wayne Fagala