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Reaching Generations is a ministry of Reaching Souls that makes a difference in the lives of orphans.

How Reaching Generations is Different

Each child lives in an AOrphanfrican home with a loving family. Children educate out of our program. In other words, we care for our children until they are self-sufficient. The families who care for our children are part of a local body of believers where each child is loved by his or her church family and taught the truth about Jesus Christ.

The local church provides constant oversight and accountability for the child and the family caring for the child. Each local church involved with Reaching Generations has an Orphan Committee, which is then overseen by a National Missionary from Reaching Souls International. The child’s health and spiritual well-being is being constantly monitored.



The orphan crisis in Africa is epic in scale. Millions of children have been made orphans by HIV/AIDS, war, undrinkable water, inadequate medical care, famine, malaria, and disease. The Bible gives us direction for our response to this great need. James 1:27 says “Religion that is pure and undefiled before God, the Father, is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction.”

The response of Reaching Souls International is Reaching Generations.


For $25 a month, Reaching Generations cares for an orphaned child within a Christian African family. The support provides education for the child, food or other necessities for the family, and accountability for that child’s care through the local church. Each boy or girl supported through Reaching Generations is evaluated each week by an Orphan Committee. Each Orphan Committee is comprised of three or more members and a National Missionary from Reaching Souls International provides oversight. This confirms that the child is being well educated, having their nutritional needs met, lovingly housed, and emotionally nurtured. Most importantly, the Orphan Committee guarantees that each child is being taught the Good News of Jesus Christ, thereby truly establishing a new and mighty generation for His Kingdom. They grow up in a home, an individual within a Christian family unit, rather than being one of many needy children warehoused in an orphanage.

Reaching Generations is not just our is what we do. While we do provide excellent care to these hurting children, that is not where our mission begins or ends. We are truly trying to change generations by providing the spiritual food of weekly church attendance, elder oversight, accountability, and warm relationships with a community of Christians. These children become active members of a family, a church, and their community.

Ultimately, that is our goal. We are meeting the temporal needs of orphans so they can be transformed by the eternal Good News of our Lord and Savior. In turn, these children will share with the generations around them. One child supported touches the lives of many.




For $25 you can support an orphan for one month

For $300 you can support an orphan for one year

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